Category: Mindful Moments

Go Through

CENTERING THOUGHT: Go through. Not around, not over, not under, and not away. Just like this bloom, by ‘going through’ the present moment, I embrace change. In a recent spin class, the instructor coached us to “go through” the class fully engaged and fully present. She wanted us to really push ourselves. I took her invitation and found myself pushing harder than I typically would, but also feeling a deeper connection to myself in the workout. Really connecting both my mind and body as the pedals moved. Somewhere around the middle of the class, the clearest thought came to...

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Find Your Flow

Being ‘in flow’ is something I aspire toward. Athletes refer to ‘flow’ as being ‘in the zone’ or ‘focused.’ But I believe it’s more than that. To me, finding our flow is to connect to the present moment. Authentically. To me, flow can happen anytime, anywhere and can trickle into our lives in the smallest of moments. And because we are unique spirits having a human experience, our ‘flow’ and how we find what our flow is will speak to each of us differently. The more I strive to be mindful of those moments the more deeply I experience...

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