Giving yourself permission this December

Over-thinking? Feel stuck? Overwhelmed? Let's chat a bit about the month of December and traditions, or expectations, or commitments. First, remember that you are enough. Really. There are loads of good plans out there with ways to create memories. But...

Go Through

CENTERING THOUGHT: Go through. Not around, not over, not under, and not away. Just like this bloom, by ‘going through’ the present moment, I embrace change. In a recent spin class, the instructor coached us to “go through” the class fully engaged and fully...

Find Your Flow

Being ‘in flow’ is something I aspire toward. Athletes refer to 'flow' as being ‘in the zone’ or ‘focused.’ But I believe it's more than that. To me, finding our flow is to connect to the present moment. Authentically. To me, flow can happen anytime,...

October Study Guide: Trust

The focus this month is TRUST! To me, it's more than a feeling. It is a tool. Something we develop with practice, learn through experiencing, and embrace with quiet courage, faith and hope. Trust in God is our wholehearted focus this month as we close one...

Truth Shines

It took our youngest waking up on her birthday (she's rocking three now), proclaiming the ONLY thing she wanted was "make pioneer dresses" for me to step into the arena.It began months ago-after leaving This is the Place Heritage Park the girls...

Creating Space for Disappointment

Sometimes the experiences we sign up for aren’t always about the experience itself. Sometimes opportunities to learn, grow, strengthen and connect happen in moments we would least expect. Our daughter has been looking forward to track season for an entire year. She...


Lead with intention.

Center on truth.

Grow light.


Be still and know.


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