A little about me…

I’m a believer in light, learning and growth. In the past seven years, our family has moved four times to four different states! It’s been a journey, an adventure, loads of work and while I humbly realize how much I have yet to learn, I am deeply grateful for the journey walked.

The intent and hope for Strong & Mindful is to share my story in a way that connects us. To create space as you walk your unique Strong and Mindful journey. To step with vulnerability and move forward with hope. Because with hope, we grow light. And we all have light to grow and share uniquely.

Let’s lead with intention.

Let’s center on truth.

Let’s grow light.

Let’s simplify.

Let’s be still and know.

My heart is grateful. For you. For joining me. For your light. For walking with me. So give yourself permission. Take up space. Let’s create something beautiful together.


-Sara Walkenhorst

Strong & Mindful Founder

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