Over-thinking? Feel stuck? Overwhelmed? Let’s chat a bit about the month of December and traditions, or expectations, or commitments. First, remember that you are enough. Really. There are loads of good plans out there with ways to create memories. But guess what? every lightbulb on the tree serves a purpose greater than itself. The beauty of lights on the tree is they thrive with an abundance of light – all the bulbs shining their brightest! So if you see an idea or a plan that’s awesome light but it might not work if you are a mom with super young kiddos, or teenagers, or are empty nesters, or are single or are … Remember this: the best plan is the one that works for YOU! Not what you think you should do, but what speaks to you. Give yourself permission to make an effort. To center on LIGHT specifically to YOU!

I find the beauty of this season is the connection to Christ and often through a broader mindset of service. Yes, there are donation and project ideas which are so meaningful and amazing, but so much intention and love an go into the small every day actions or attitudes to be aware of and talk about more. I love those ideas within the #lighttheworld daily advent.

Sometimes the best gift we can give ourselves is permission. Permission to make an effort. Permission to simplify. To evolve and change. To learn and grow. To let go of expectations and focus on LIGHT.

Friends (and I write this for myself as well!), give yourself permission to feel LIGHT. Grow YOUR light. Share YOUR light. Put your light on the tree. Be that bright bulb on the tree loaded with lots of other bright bulbs. And celebrate your unique light. You are enough. And simply believing that grows more LIGHT!