Not around, not over, not under, and not away.

Just like this bloom, by ‘going through’ the present moment, I embrace change.

In a recent spin class, the instructor coached us to “go through” the class fully engaged and fully present. She wanted us to really push ourselves. I took her invitation and found myself pushing harder than I typically would, but also feeling a deeper connection to myself in the workout. Really connecting both my mind and body as the pedals moved. Somewhere around the middle of the class, the clearest thought came to me: “go through change. Not around it, not over it, not under it, and not away from it. Go through it.”

It was this ah-ha moment where I realized what I was applying on the bike could absolutely be applied off the bike. I’m so grateful when the Spirit speaks from within and “coaches” in a way that I can connect to. I know that is the love of God guiding in a most specific way.

If “going through” a spin class fully present and mindful of every moment creates more connection, I know allowing myself to “go through” the changes of every day life is an opportunity to mindfully connect to the present moment as well. It doesn’t mean changing the present moment, or holding back emotions, but instead it’s about being aware. Being awake in the Now and letting it be what it is.

As I drove home, pondering the words spoken, I (of course) related it to the children’s book/song “going on a lion hunt.” How funny to remember such a fun childhood story as such a learning lesson. Just like the lion hunt – where we must fully “go through” the different terrains to “hunt the lion” we must allow ourselves the space to “go through” change.

These questions came to mind:

In what ways do I resist change thus missing out on the present moment? In what ways do I embrace the present moment, thus embracing change?

In what ways do I make a decision out of fear in order to avoid change? In what ways can I lean into trust in order to embrace change?

I chose to ponder those questions as I studied the scriptures. I was reading in 1 Nephi 17 and  found so many connections between Nephi, who chose to ‘go through’ the change of traveling by reflecting on what he had learned, and then applied new growth in the present moment by learning the steps to build a ship. On the other hand, his brothers, Laman and Lemuel, exemplified resistance, and based their choices off of fear and doubt. They were disconnected from the Now and instead made any attempt to go ‘around’ or ‘over’ or ‘above’ the present moment. Their hearts don’t change until they begin to realize that in order to ‘go through’ the task at hand, they must place their trust in God.

I’m learning more and more that life is about ‘going through’ the present moment and living in trust over living in fear. Looking back over the last six months, I’ve learned that some of the things I feared most (but moved forward anyway), have actually become some of the greatest opportunities and have played out in ways only orchestrated by the hand of God. Likewise, some of the things I actually had expected to go a specific way, have actually turned out quite differently. And that’s where I’m learning to embrace the space of trust. The more I lean into trust, the more strength I feel in my weaknesses and the more mindful I become of the Now.

My hope is to continue this journey. To learn and grow, and bloom like this flower – fully in the Now as it is ‘going through’ the change of a seed, plant, blossom, bloom, and then falling to continue growing again.

MINDFUL CONNECTION: Practice “going through” the present moment. Try single-tasking a specific action. Practice listening to what the mind is speaking during this chosen task. No nee to change the thoughts, but ‘go through’ them. Simply being aware of your thoughts is what brings you into the present moment.