Being ‘in flow’ is something I aspire toward. Athletes refer to ‘flow’ as being ‘in the zone’ or ‘focused.’ But I believe it’s more than that. To me, finding our flow is to connect to the present moment. Authentically. To me, flow can happen anytime, anywhere and can trickle into our lives in the smallest of moments. And because we are unique spirits having a human experience, our ‘flow’ and how we find what our flow is will speak to each of us differently. The more I strive to be mindful of those moments the more deeply I experience gratitude for the gift of the here and now.

When change encircles you – in my current chapter of moving to a new state and everything familiar now unfamiliar – it’s anything but flow. The mind is constantly working within this state of change and can turn to resistance. The more resistance, the more difficult the present moment becomes. For me, when I am in resistance, I become stuck. Feelings of peace are replaced with anger, fear, sadness, anxiousness, frustration or never enoughness (yes, that’s gotta be a word).

I can’t ‘find my flow’ alone. But we aren’t meant to. Those hard moments provide the opportunity to rely more deeply on Our Savior, who will walk right along with us, every step if we ask. It makes those moments when we do find our flow that much sweeter, that much more joyful and we can trust that He celebrates with us. I love the words of Christ when he said, “he that believeth on me…out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.” (John 7:38)

I want to flow with rivers of living water.

I want to “stand solid like a mountain and flow like a river” (Lao Tzu) in the now. I want to practice soaking in the present moment and allowing the flow of the change to unfold as it is. Not with expectation, judgement or comparison, but to practice surrendering.

Naturally, when I imagine ‘flow rivers of living water,’ I envision a fast-moving river. Floods of light, peace and joy filling every moment of every day like a gushing river softening every rock on its path down the mountain.

It wasn’t until I visited the Everglades that I had a glimpse of how different rivers can be. The Everglades wetlands is actually the SLOWEST moving river in the WORLD. It blows my mind that it truly is a river – by natural definition it seems anything but a river. But there it is, this amazing, majestic river for us to marvel (in the safety of a boat, away from the alligators!).

I believe the Creation of vast and unique rivers opens an opportunity to teach us about varying degrees of our own flow. Sure, big moments of ‘flow’ can enter our lives that compare to a strong, flowing river. I know for me, those moments accompany spiritual experiences too personal to share. They have shaped my deepest connections to God, the Father and both my heavenly parents, to Jesus Christ, and the plan and purpose for myself. They continually deepen my learning and understanding of my unique, eternal identity.

But there is much to learn from the ‘flow’ of the slow river. The river, that to the unknowing eye, seems unchanging. Those small and simple moments of being present, of connecting and of surrendering are beautiful. They are essential. And no matter how slowly they flow, or how brief they may feel, they matter. They are seen and heard.

At this current chapter, I feel much more work than flow, and ‘finding my flow’ is happening in very small and simple moments. Much like the slow moving river of the Everglades. But I trust the process. And that fills with me with hope. I find peace and comfort knowing I don’t need to write the future story, or try to jump back to the story of the past, but I can focus on owning my story, here and now, today. In those moments, I am finding my flow. A flow of light comes into those small and simple moments. The beauty of the present moment unfolds. And it is exactly what it needs to be.

I know, as I continue to ‘believe on Christ’ and work toward strengthening both connection and trust, that I will continue to feel peace and joy within everyday moments.

The road is hard, but I’m finding my flow, and oh, the river is beautiful.

MINDFUL CONNECTION: Breathe in the present moment. Simply be aware of what it is. Finding your flow is less about thinking and doing and more about being. Practice ‘being present’ in a way that speaks to you.